4 Week


Why do we offer a 4 week trial?

We take into consideration if the teacher was unfortunately ill on the trial week and there was a stand in or guest teacher, each class is planned differently and focusses on different elements. One week might focus on performance skills, another week might be on technique or posture so a one class trial does not give a true reflection of the class.

It takes time to bond with the teacher and the other students and we want each potential new student during the trial to feel friendships are starting to blossom and for them to feel settled, again this will not be possible from a 1 week trial.

We want our potential new students to have the full experience of everything our classes and the school offers and we can not do this in one week, especially for our pre school students it can take a good few weeks to build their confidence and ensure they feel settled and happy.

During their 4 week trial they may well decide the class they are trialling is not for them, and this is fine, so we have time to swap the class and find an alternative to make sure we find the class most suited to them.


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