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Miss Sophie has an undeniable passion for teaching and inspiring children, she loves creating opportunities for her students to grow in confidence, make new friends and experience new and exciting adventures.

She always wanted a strong community feel in her dance school, one big happy family and that is exactly what she has created, a nurturing environment full of endless possibilities for the students of SDSD.

“I always dreamt of being able to offer students excellent across the board performing arts training in all aspects and genres, from singing to ballet and street dance to tap, you name it we offer it, and we cater for everyone, this was also always very important to me that we catered for students who want to dance as an enjoyable recreational hobby, and also for those who want more elite training that can lead them in to a career in the arts. Im incredibly proud of sdsd and what it has become, we absolutely love each one of our students and families, they make us what we are.”

Miss Sophie has a supportive husband, Andy and 2 children, Reuben and Rosie.

Things she loves:

Her Family


Time spent with her girlfriends


Miss Kirsten The trendy one

Miss Kirsten is super cool, the children love her young and vibrant energy, Miss Kirsten is always kind and sensitive towards shy and nervous children, her lessons are always full of fun and she is very popular with all the children.

Miss Kirsten as well as being a fantastic teacher also works in the SDSD office as our Event Co-ordinator, she is incredibly organised and loves a spreadsheet.

Things she loves:

Her Family


Her Dog Barkley


CATHERINE The brainy one

Catherine does all the things behind the scenes that need doing so that you/your children can have the best time at SDSD.

She is a key part of making our team run & we’d be lost without her!

Things she loves:

Going to her Caravan

Family Time

The Theatre


Miss Steph The smiley one

Miss Steph is our bundle of joy and happiness, she is always smiling and her smile can literally light up a room. She is very nurturing with the younger children, Miss Steph has a passion for musical theatre and disney and is so much fun to be around.

Your child will always come out of Miss Stephs classes smiling, her talents don’t just stop at dancing she is also a fabulous singer and teaches drama too, she is an all round package of wonderfulness.

Things she loves:

Her Cat Winnie




MISS Liz The crazy one

Miss Liz is wonderfully weird, every lesson is an adventure, she is spontaneous and adventurous, you never know what’s going to happen in a lesson with Miss Liz, however she is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about ballet and has a magical way of pulling the best out of all her students, who can not help but love her and craziness.

Miss Liz is fabulous with both younger children, ensuring they all have the foundations needed to move up through the grades and also with senior students ensuring they also have the knowledge and understanding of the detail required. She is also a teacher of many other subjects alongside ballet. Everyone should experience a dance class with our amazing Miss Liz.

Things she loves:

Formula 1


Playing Games


Jack The cool one

Jack is our street dance teacher and on our Lil Beatz teaching team, rarely seen without his cap he is super cool and everyone loves him. Jack is passionate about educating the children on the history of street dance and where the styles and movements originated from, he is an inspirational teacher for all our street dance students and in particular for our boys.

Jack also runs our all boys dance class. Jack and his classes are always a massive hit at our summer schools.

Things he loves:

His Family


Dungeons & Dragons


Miss Amy The adventurous one

Miss amy is our super fun, hilariously funny drama and lamda teacher. Such a fabulous teacher bursting with games and activities to build confidence in children and ensure they reach their acting potential.

Miss amy is lively and outgoing and every class if filled with imagination and excitement, our 3-year-olds and 18-year-olds love her, she nurtures all the children not matter their age with her kind and caring nature whilst and passing on her wealth of knowledge.

Things she loves:

Countryside walks

Writing Poems



Az The sassy/vibing one

Az is incredibly current and fresh with his ideas and loves a full on class with lots of sass and positive vibes. He demands 100% from all his students, this coupled with his creative choreography and passion for excellence means his work is incredible and he will certainly bring out the flow and sass in any student.

Az is professional and hardworking, he lives in Leicester and travels every week to teach for us and we are so grateful and honoured to have his talent on our teaching team.

Things he loves:


Song Writing

Creating Memories


Rebekah The fiery one

Miss Rebekah is incredible at getting results, she is tough but fair and sees potential in everyone which she then harnesses and turns into determination to realise their talents. Miss Rebekah always works the students hard and this pays off in abundance so we see them soaring with their acro skills.

She is also super lovely and lots of fun and everyone loves her lessons.

Things she loves:

Water Sports

Bike Rides

Dinner Parties


Miss Ruth The experienced one

Ruth is an experienced teacher with many years delivering all kinds of dance in Germany before moving the UK to continue her  amazing work here.

She feels very passionate about equal opportunities and getting the best out of every student. Her classes are filled with fun and challenges to gain strong technique and develop musicality and artistry.

Ruth loves getting involved in the progress of the students and takes great care to make sure everyone gets a chance to shine in her classes.

Things she loves:


Walks with her dog Ronny

Spending time with her kids

Group Singing TEACHER

Miss BECKY The enthusiastic one

Miss Becky is our super energetic group singing and Junior YPA teacher! She loves creating and staging Musical Theatre pieces full of imaginative and unique ideas.

She has an immense passion for the arts and loves to inspire her students to perform with power and enthusiasm, to ignite that fire in their bellies! 

Miss Becky is approachable, nurturing, and knows how to get the best out of even the most shy of singers/ performers. In a class with her you can guarantee lots of laughter, bags of facial expressions and an ELECTRIC ENERGY!

Add some ‘Miss Becky Sparkle’ and you’ve got a masterpiece!

Things she loves:


Cheesey Garlic Bread

Going on Holiday


Miss Jen The loud one …

Miss Jen has been singing since she was a little girl and has been coaching other singers both in the UK and the States since she left Performing Arts University where she studied Musical Theatre.

Her husband says that her superpower is volume as she can sing anything from Whitney Houston to Phantom Of The Opera! Miss Jen can be heard gigging all around the North West with her piano which is called Sharon!

Miss Jen believes that everyone has a voice and is an expert at helping students to relax and let go so that they can find it and build it! Miss Jen is super excited to be starting up SDSD’s first ever Adult Choir in September 2023!!!

Things she loves:

Celine Dion

New Socks


Contemporary TEACHER

Miss Eve The technical one

Miss Eve will be teaching contemporary 4 times a term for us on Friday evenings to our inter and senior students.

Miss Eve began her training at her local dance school where she worked through her I.D.T.A exams in all genres of dance up to intermediate level. Along side this Eve competed in national competitions winning numerous awards until the age of 16. Miss Eve then continued her training at The Urdang Academy in London, completing her Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Dance. Upon graduation Eve worked through her teacher training and is now a qualified teacher with the I.D.T.A. Eve is also a certified teacher with acrobatic arts.

EJB choreography was founded in January 2021. It has allowed Eve to share her love for teaching and choreography with dance schools across the country. Providing strong technical training, workshops for all ages and unique pieces of choreography for individual dancers.

Miss Eve is delighted to start her journey with our students at Sophie Dee and can not wait to get started.

Things she loves:

Family & Friends

Eating Out


Lyrical TEACHER & choreographer

Miss Stacey The creative one

I love my students to be fully engaged and with me every step of the way. 

I like to ask the dancers questions to ensure learning and understanding is taking place… so don’t be afraid to use your voices dancers! 

I have high expectations and i’m quick to realise potential. I love it when dancers show how passionate they are about their hobby and I feed off this energy when i’m teaching. 

I like to teach the absolute necessity of discipline but always aim to find the right balance of fun and freedom to allow the creativity to shine through when required. 

I like to get to know the dancers as people as this can influence my choreography and highlight personality traits which allow the dancer to feel confident and amazing in themselves. 

Things she loves:

Sticky Toffee Pudding


Spending Time With Family (Especially Centerparcs!)


Miss Rebekah The knowledgeable one

Rebekah works with our competition team mainly and has a wealth of knowledge in a range of subjects. Each student can learn so much from Miss Rebekah and will come out of each lesson inspired and having learnt something new and valuable.

She is an absolutely lovely teacher, with a kind and friendly manner but her attention to detail and her creativity produces fantastic work.

Things she loves:


Theme Parks

Family Time

Class Assistants

In all our lower school classes we have our fabulous class assistants. The children love having the big girls helping in their classes and the big girls love helping their little ones, with the start of their dance journeys.

They always greet the children with a smiley and welcoming face, they are wonderful at settling in shy and nervous children and inspirational for the little ones to see dancing in their classes. They also help with shoe laces, getting them in and out of the studio, toilet trips and so much more, they are the teachers extra pairs of eye, hands and ears and help keep our classes running smoothly.

Head Girl 23/24

Connie Butterworth

Connie has been a member of SDSD for over 11 years. She is a dedicated member of the Sophie Dee Dance Company & has competed at 4 Dance World Cups.

Connie was a member of the Royal Ballet & Elmhurst Associates for a number of years & is a very talented all round dancer. You will often see her around the SDSD Reception / Shop or helping our Bumble Bees students. She is always on hand to help anyone & is loved by all!

Fun facts

  • Connie started at SDSD when she was just 4 years old
  • Favourite style of dance – Ballet or Lyrical
  • Favourite colour – Light Blue
  • Favourite film – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory or Mamma Mia
  • Connie danced at Amir Khan’s daughters birthday party
Deputy Head Girl 22/23

Ruby Watson

Ruby has been dancing at SDSD since she was 4, where she was a Ladybird in the showcase! She is now a dedicated member of the Sophie Dee Dance Company & has competed at 3 Dance World Cups.

Ruby is a huge musical theatre enthusiast and hopes to be on Broadway someday! She currently trains at Manchester college in musical theatre alongside her training at SDSD & can often be found helping out in classes, on reception & at our extracurricular events at the studio.

Fun facts

  • Ruby is the youngest of 4 sisters
  • Favourite Musical – Hamilton
  • Favourite Food – A Sunday roast
  • Favourite thing to do when she’s not dancing is singing!
  • Ruby likes to channel her inner Beyonce on a regular basis

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For just £15 for 4 weeks, your child can trial any class they wish and you can decide together whether SDSD is right for you.



Amaze and impress

I just wanted to send a quick message of thanks again. I know how difficult things must be at the moment and yet your teachers continue to amaze and impress me.

Today in ballet and tap, both Miss Kirsten and now Miss Liz have kept both my girls excited and engaged. They are so encouraging. Plus this is not a one off. My daughters also do musical theatre, YPA and lamda. Miss Amy continues to make my eldest daughter grow in confidence and it is so lovely to see her skills develop. Plus, all of the Lamda teacher are amazing. In each class, Miss Steph, Sean and Miss Amy make the lesson both fun and rewarding. Thursday is my daughter’s favourite day of the week and I know that is largely due to her excitement to spend time in YPA and take part in such engaging activities. 

Please pass on my thanks once again and let your teachers know that in an extremely tough time, they are certainly bringing a lot of light into the children’s’ lives.

A very pleased parent

A massive thank you

I just wanted to get a message to Jack to say a massive thank you for what he did today during her private lesson.

She was anxious prior to her lesson and said to me that she felt self-conscious and embarrassed doing freestyle.

Jack was amazing with her. He reassured her and made her feel able to talk about her feelings openly. She seems to be having a few self-confidence issues lately and it nearly moved me to tears hearing Jack speaking to her today.

Parent of a 10 year old.

The encouragement you have given

Personally, I would like to thank you and the other teachers for all the encouragement you have given and all the care and concern you have shown.

I have always been amazed at both how you combine your desire for such high standards with genuine recognition of the efforts of every pupil and how you combine running such a visionary business with maintaining a real family atmosphere.

We very much appreciate everything the SDSD staff are doing to support dancing during the restrictions, working so hard to get classes online and everyone organised.

A big thank you to everyone at SDSD for keeping it all going.

Parent of a 10 & 13 year old.

A positive impact

I’m so grateful for both the lessons and workshops because they’re keeping her active both physically and mentally. She’s really finding this lockdown much tougher than last year and has been quite upset which is heart breaking for me to see. I wanted to express how much of a positive impact you have made on J by maintaining the lessons.

There is nothing better than being in the studio but the zoom lessons are keeping her focussed and feeling a sense of normality.

Parent of a 10 year old.

You have been fabulous

Just to say a huge thank you for everything that you do as a school. I knew when I helped out with the show in 2019, that we made the right choice sending I to Sophie Dee for her dancing. You instil such great values and work ethic into your students from an early age.

I practised all the time for her exam, saying she wanted to make us and Miss Kirsten proud. We said everyone would be proud no matter what her score but to see her come today with a distinction, I don’t think anyone will be able to take this smile off my face for weeks!

You have been fabulous during these last 18months, you would never know that whilst dealing with all the government restrictions you have also had to change venue. I hope when the summer break comes you all take a well-earned rest and enjoy time with your families.

Thank you so much for everything you do for our daughter.

Parent of a 5 year old.

Teaching discipline

My son is part of the Boys Class at SDSD with no dance training apart from being part of Street Dance crew so we were a bit apprehensive but I have to say my Son absolutely loves it to say he's passionate about it is an understatement, its taught him discipline and how to express himself and also body conditioning.

They have a great Teacher in Jack his guidance and encouragement is amazing Saturday is the best day of the week.

Parent of a 12 year old.

I would highly recommend

My daughter has just finished a week of summer camp and has thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Every day she has come home keen to show me a dance or sing a song she has learned. She normally just grunts when she gets home and isn’t keen to share her experiences, so this has been quite a turnaround! She has happily skipped off to class each day and thinks Miss Amy and Sean are just wonderful and even asked to go back next week.

Parent of a 6 year old.

Buzzing and filled with glee

Just wanted to message you as had two very excited and happy girls tonight having returned to the studio. They were buzzing and filled with glee as they described their lessons.

Caoimhe was particularly pleased to have got star of the week in singing and is so excited about being filmed next week.

Once again, your teachers made the experience joyous and memorable. Please pass on my thanks to all.

Parent of a 8 and 4 year old.