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A dancing journey

Come and join us and meet other passionate adult dancers, its a lovely way to learn a new skill or pick up a child hood hobby, make new friends and keep fit all at the same time.

Here are just a few of the many benefits adult dance gives you:

  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves Fitness
  • Creates social opportunities
  • Creates routine
  • Challenges mind and memory
  • Offers a creative outlet
  • Opportunity for ‘me’ time
  • Brings joy
  • And lots more!

All our adult classes are paid & booked weekly. We would love for you to join us at a class soon. If you have any questions regarding any of adult classes, please do not hesistate to conatct the office & we would be more than happy to help.


Ballet is a classical dance form that combines grace, precision & storytelling through a series of defined movements & positions. It emphasizes strength, flexibility & poise while showcasing the beauty of fluid & controlled motion.

Our ballet classes are designed to be inclusive & suitable for all abilities. Whether you’re a novice or experienced dancer, our instructors provide a nurturing environment where participants can refine fundamental techniques, explore artistic expression & build a strong foundation in the timeless art of ballet.

Join us to discover the joy of movement & the elegance of ballet, regardless of your skill level.

Young at Heart

Dance Fitness for 50 years + (but suitable for all adults)

Dancing can make us feel wonderful! It releases endorphins that give you a great workout & always brings a smile to your face too. But, dance is not just for the young ones.
At our Young At Heart Dance Fitness classes, you will be greeted by our friendly teacher & enjoy a 45-min dance fitness class to songs you will know & love, afterwards you can join us for 45 mins of coffee & social time after.

Our classes are aimed at adults of 50 years plus, who love to dance for the pure joy it brings them & the added bonus that it also keeps us fit & provides many other benefits.


We have 3 levels for Adult Tap classes

– Beginner

– Intermediate

– Advanced

 Tap dancing is a rhythmic dance style known for its percussive footwork created by metal taps on the shoes. Our classes cater to all levels—beginner, intermediate, & advanced. Beginners focus on foundational steps & rhythms, intermediates refine coordination & musicality, whereas advanced dancers tackle intricate choreography & techniques.

Join us to explore and excel in the expressive world of tap dancing.


Our choir will centre around Pop & Musical Theatre and led by our sensational Miss Jen. Miss Jen is highly experienced at leading adult choirs and has done now for over a decade!

If you can sing – GREAT! If you don’t think you can sing…GREAT, everyone can learn. This is an opportunity to do something for yourself and be part of something wonderful.

There are numerous benefits to singing in a choir
– Improved mood and general alertness
– Improved singing skills
– Releases emotions
– Boosts self confidence, mood and overall well being
– Creative way to spend time with friends/family or make new friends
– AND its just plain fun!!!! 

Dance Fitness

Dance fitness is an exhilarating & energetic workout that seamlessly blends the joy of dance with the benefits of a cardiovascular exercise routine.

In these classes, participants engage in dynamic choreography set to upbeat music, combining various dance styles to create a full-body workout experience.

Suitable for all fitness levels, dance fitness classes offer a fun and effective way to improve cardiovascular health, enhance flexibility & tone muscles.

Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or just looking to add a dynamic & enjoyable element to your fitness routine, our dance fitness sessions provide a lively & inclusive atmosphere where you can move, groove & break a sweat.

Get ready to dance your way to fitness!



Yoga is a holistic and mindful practice that integrates physical postures, breath control & meditation to promote overall well-being. Our yoga classes welcome participants of all levels, offering a space for both beginners & seasoned practitioners to enhance flexibility, build strength & cultivate inner balance.

Guided by experienced instructors, these sessions focus on alignment, breath awareness & relaxation techniques.

Whether you’re seeking stress relief, improved flexibility, or a sense of inner calm, our inclusive yoga classes provide a supportive environment for you to embark on or deepen your yoga journey.

Join us to discover the transformative benefits of yoga for the body, mind & spirit.


Jazz dance is a vibrant & dynamic form of movement that originated in the early 20th century. This expressive & rhythmic dance form often features syncopated movements, isolations & intricate footwork.

Jazz dance is known for its versatility, encompassing a wide range of styles from Broadway and musical theatre to contemporary and lyrical expressions.

Dancers explore a variety of techniques, from sharp & percussive movements to smooth & flowing sequences, making jazz dance an evolving art form that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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