Preschool Dance

Sophie Dee Diddies

Suitable for 1-2 year olds

Sophie Dee Diddies class is where your son/daughters dance journey will begin, and if your child goes on to enjoy dance as a hobby or even if they wish to take dance/performing arts more seriously, we have classes for everyone. We often have the absolute pleasure of being in children’s lives from them being 1 or 2 years old right up to when they are 18 years old.
At 2 years old they can move on to our Mummy and Me class to continue the next step of their journey.

The Sophie Dee Diddies classes are led by one of our amazing teachers, Miss Steph. As well as being one of our main pre school teachers at SDSD, Miss Steph also teaches Musical Theatre classes at SDSD Miss Steph has a huge smile and a beautiful soul and all the children love her.

The Diddie classes are 45 minutes long. The first 15-20 minutes will be a led session, including dance, movement, singing of nursery rhymes and action songs and props. The session is lots of fun and very interactive between Miss Steph and you and the children. It doesn’t matter if your child is walking or not walking, they will still be able to join in with all the activities.

The children are then all encouraged to play and socialise for 20 minutes on our soft play equipment and with toys/props. You can stay in the room with them, grab a coffee (please bring a mug with you – Waitrose style, with a lid), we will provide the coffee, milk and biscuits and this will all be included in the class price. There will be chairs around the play area so you can sit and chat and watch your little ones enjoy themselves and hopefully watch some new friendships blossom too.

We will then bring them all back together for the last 5 minutes for story time/nursery rhyme/more fun with props and a good bye song.

The children just need to wear clothes they are comfy and can move freely in. We will have a changing table in the room. We have plenty of parking on site, plenty of room for buggies and there are no stairs or steps to contend with either.

With the current situation adults will be required to wear a mask for the class please and remain socially distanced. The first class is a free trial class then with all our classes you book your place for the term and pay in advance by Direct Debit, unless we hear from you your place will automatically be renewed for each term.

“My daughter Olivia enjoys every minute of her dance class with Miss Sophie. She has made friends and looks forward to every Saturday morning! It is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Sophie Dee School of Dance!”
Mr & Mrs Brougham

Mummy and Me with Melody Bear

This 30 minute dance class is designed for children from 20 months + and their Mummy/Daddy or carer to come and enjoy music and movement. It will help your child develop confidence, co-ordination, rhythm, music and spatial awareness and all the fundamental motor skills we want to develop in children.

Loveable teddy, Melody Bear, is the focus point of the early years curriculum in Melody Movement, and all her activities, stories, ideas and dreams can be told through dance and movement.

The children love dancing with Melody Bear, and we ask that each of the children bring their own bear or dolly to each class as we use these within the class also.

It is a fun and friendly class to gently introduce your child to dance and music and movement combined. It is also a lovely and informal way to meet other parents and for your child to make new friends.

When they are 3 years old they can progress into the Rhythmic Rascals 3’s class where the children are then left by parents to enjoy dancing on their own.

“Our daughter Hannah really enjoys coming to Sophie Dee School of Dance. Miss Sophie has a lovely manner with the children. We highly recommend Sophie Dee School of Dance!”
Mr & Mrs Ralph

Rhythmic Rascals

Our Rhythmic Rascals classes for 3 and 4 year olds are a development on the introduction to dance the children had in “Mummy and Me” through various stories, themes and adventures and the use of props.

You do not have to of attended Mummy and Me to join the Rhythmic Rascals classes. The class is 45 minutes in length and consists of tap, mainly ballet and mini modern dance so the children from an early age can distinguish the difference between the styles and it adds variety to the class.

The class teaches the children to hear and move to different types of music, how to stand in various formations such as circles and lines and perform basic dance movements so they can express themselves freely as individuals. Designed to increase co-ordination within the children and build their confidence, and social skills. This class is a lovely way for children to make other friends besides their school friends.

The children can be entered for IDTA rosette awards in these classes which are a fun introduction to exams for them and they love feeling like they have achieved something when they receive their certificate, bannerette and rosette.

Our Rhythmic Rascals classes are also involved in our  Pre School shows held every 2 years at the Stockport College Theatre. 

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