Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Ballet Grades

Challenging and inspirational

These classes are only suitable for students who are motivated, hardworking and prepared to attend at least 2 ballet classes a week.

They are for students who take their dancing/ballet, very seriously.

The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus consists of a classical barre, centre practice, dances and pointe work. Basic Pointe work is introduced at Inter-Foundation level, however each student will be assessed individually regarding when they are ready to start pointe work.


Pointe work is very demanding and if a student is not ready it can be very damaging for them physically and emotionally.

The student would need to study consistently and intensely in order to take these exams and entry for the exams is at the discretion of the teacher. When they are entered for a vocational exam, they will need an additional vocational class each week also for extra coaching.

Invitation only

Due to the high level of training required these classes are by invitation only.

If anyone is interested in the vocational ballet training we offer please speak to Miss Sophie or Miss Liz. The Inter Foundation grade can be started from 9 years old. The exam however cannot be entered till the student is 11 years old.

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