Singing Lessons

1-2-1 Singing Lessons

Our 1-2-1 singing lessons are an excellent way to build your skill set as well as developing your confidence as a performer.

In your class we will focus on different elements of technique including; breath support, pitching, vocal quality and acting through song.  Students will have the opportunity to explore different musical styles such as pop, rock, jazz and musical theatre

Boys Dance Masters of Movement

Performance Opportunities

We offer our Singing students lots of exciting performance opportunities including our fabulous Singer’s Showcases!

We put on two singer’s showcases a year and they are wonderful events which give our singing students the chance to perform in an encouraging environment.

We also offer the opportunity to enter competitions and festivals for those students wanting to progress their singing to the next level.



We offer our singing students the opportunity to enter Musical Theatre LAMDA examinations. 

Our Musical Theatre learners develop their acting skills through song. They use vocal techniques to convey the right mood, and engage with the material to form a thoughtful interpretation of the song.

 As they progress through the grades, learners explore characterisation further and deepen their understanding of the history of musical theatre by performing songs from a range of eras.

LAMDA exams are a fantastic way to build confidence as a performer.

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