Young Performers


An Academy in Musical Theatre Arts

At YPA our mission is simple: we want to build confidence in our students, provide performance opportunities for them to shine, educate them on musicals and the arts and of course build their skill set in dance, drama and singing.

As well as weekly classes in these 3 subjects they will also learn many life skills at YPA. From teamwork and supporting your friends; building confidence for interviews or auditions; and improving your cognitive development through the practices within each subject.

If a student has the passion to perform, would like a career in performing arts or simply would love to improve their confidence we are here to work, nurture and develop their skills with our team of approachable teachers!

Most of all YPA is a massive amount of FUN! The children make new friends outside of school, socialise, explore their creativity, and have a safe space to express themselves freely!

Thursday 17:30 – 20:00

Juniors: 7-8 years
Inters: 9-11 years
Seniors: 12+ years

Each age group has a 50 minute session in each discipline; Dance, Drama and Singing. These classes are taught by three fabulous teachers that specialise in each strand of Musical Theatre.

You can count on every term being filled with different exciting opportunities ranging from showcases, large scale theatre productions and outreach events in the community – all whilst combining technical skills, improving confidence and most of all having fun!


The children will learn a variety of dance styles within the Musical Theatre repertoire ranging from Golden Age Musicals to present day pop-crossover musicals! The children will learn basic jazz technique which is the core dance element of Musical Theatre.

There will be a big focus on performance and bringing a character to life through their dance routines.


The children will explore a range of acting techniques in order to produce a plethora of well-rounded characters. Acting teaches important problem-solving skills; boosts imagination and creativity; and improves social interaction and understanding.

Techniques will include improvisation, devising, vocal projection, and character development.

We will then hone these skills and put them in to action in our various performances!


The children will be given the opportunity to work on an extensive range of songs from musicals, pop, and choral arrangements. They will begin to learn basic vocal harmony, projection and breathing techniques as a group, in duets and as a solo performer.

Everyone can sing and we really encourage the children to find their own voice in a friendly, supportive environment.

We aim to bring our songs to life on the stage through the combination of our vocal skills and character!


In addition to the highly trained YPA teaching team we also give the students the opportunity to train with guest teachers that are currently working in the Musical Theatre/Television Industry.

This gives the students an insight into what it would be like to work in the Performing Arts industry.

Performance Opportunities

The Young Performers Academy are provided with a range of performance opportunities each year.

These include:

  • A full scale musical production at a local theatre.
  • A Christmas Showcase.
  • Various community outreach performances.
  • The opportunity to take part in SDSD’s Main School Show (every two years) in a Musical Theatre number.

Performances are an integral part of our Musical Theatre programme as such opportunities give the children the chance to present all their hard work and new skills to a live audience!

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